Springless Trampolines 

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Backyard Fun has brought to California and Nevada Australian Vuly Thunder Trampolines! Vuly Thunder is the springless trampoline of choice.  It is the world’s strongest trampoline with a unique design that has phenomenal bounce with zero springs attached.  Vuly offers excellent bounce and superior safety, making them the perfect choice for kids of all ages.



Their unique Vuly Thunder Trampolines are:

●     Springless
●     Safe
●     Durable
●     Great for children of all ages
●     Looks great in your yard!

The first thing you will notice is the frame with tall legs, as these Thunder trampolines are built on a foundation of leaf springs. These springs make an arched descent to the ground, creating an aesthetically pleasing trampoline that provides safe, healthy fun for the whole family.

●     Your kids can get out, be active and be safe on these trampolines.
●     Built to cut down the overall impact of bouncing your body.
●     Parents do not need to worry about the danger of jumping can put on joints.
●     Built to last so your family can enjoy fitness, play and have fun for years to come.


Vuly Thunder

Vuly Thunder

Sturdy, Rust-Resistant Frames

Vuly trampoline frames are designed to resist rust, cracks and scratches. The frame contains no nuts or bolts, making setup and breakdown simple. Each frame is constructed from galvanized tubing that has been powder coated in black. The combination of this tough tubing and coating means superior performance both physically and aesthetically from the trampolines frame.

●     Built-in step ladder provides fast, slip-free access to the bouncy surface. ●     Frame parts can be replaced though are built to withstand substantial residential use.
●     Bottom of each frame is netted so no one or anything can get trapped beneath the trampoline.

Safe, Attached Trampoline Enclosures

Safety is the top priority when it comes to choosing play equipment for your kids or grandkids. Each trampoline features an incredibly tall, strong safety net made from a fine-woven mesh. The net is sewn directly onto the trampoline so you don’t have to worry about little ones getting their fingers or toes trapped between the net and the frame.
●     Designed to withstand serious impact.
●     Gentle on the body.
●     Innovative leaf-spring construction means no contact with springs while jumping.
●     Unique Leaf Spring Construction with coil-free springs.