Commercial Play Sets, Wood Swing Sets, & Playground Equipment

Rainbow has been building top notch commercial playgrounds since 1990!  We bring our 30+ year of experience in building quality commercial playgrounds to your schools, parks, churches, day cares.....wherever children may play!  You can rest assured your children are playing on the safest playgrounds manufactured today.  Rainbow's commercial playgrounds are designed to meet or exceed ASTM safely standards for public playgrounds. 

Rainbow proudly offers a line of ADA Accessible play systems, which are marked with the designated ADA symbol.  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has established specific guidelines that must be met for a structure to be considered ADA Accessible.  These guidelines ensure that the structure is not only accessible but also usable by individuals with disabilities.  Rainbow is continuously striving to improve its line of play systems to ensure every child has an equal opportunity to get out and play.  For more information, contact CPSC in Washington DC at (800) 638-2772 or online at


Customize Play Sets, Swing Sets, & Play Equipment

Designing your play set is simple!  Simply select either our castle swing set series or our clubhouse swing set series. Rainbow Play Systems offers different sizes and style options for your castle or clubhouse swing set structure ranging from the compact Fiesta swing sets to the enormous, fully-loaded with endless options and add-ons King Kong swing sets and everything in between.

·      Over 100 models of swing sets to choose from

·      Large number of accessories and add-ons

·      Rainbow Play Systems are modular

·      Made and headquartered in the USA

·      Constructed of the highest quality material

·      Dual-bolt construction

·      Commercial-grade hardware

·      Best warranty coverage in the business

·      Nationwide delivery

·      Factory-certified professional installation

Not seeing what you would like?  Go to our catalog, call or visit us and we'll create the perfect play system to fit the needs of your family and your yard.