Welcome to Backyard Fun!


We are a local family owned and operated business with more than  25 years of  experience in the Playground Industry. Wooden Swing Sets, Trampolines, Basketball Hoops, Rubber Mulch and so much more!  We are dedicated to provide California and Nevada families with the safest, highest quality backyard products in the market today.  Rainbow Play Systems, Goalsetter Basketball Systems, NuPlay rubber mulch, AlleyOop Trampolines and Vuly Springless Trampolines are the best in the market.  As parents we understand that children need to Get Out and Play and be safe, so all of our products are not just safe and of the best quality but they are tested by our entire family before we ever offer them to you!   So whether you are looking to find that perfect swing set, improve your jump shot, or bounce like you’ve never bounced before, swing on by and we will be more than happy to help! 

Why “Get Out and Play”?

We hear it on the news, read it in the papers and sadly, see it in our everyday lives. Childhood obesity is growing in epidemic proportions in the United States.  To help combat this problem, one of the basic suggestions is to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Backyard Fun helps make those 60 minutes fun, last longer, build skills and more with…..

●     Imaginative play inside one of our forts.
●     Developing social skills while playing with the neighborhood kids.
●     Fine tune their motor skills.
●     Climbing rock walls, sliding down tube slides.
●     10 minutes of trampoline bouncing is equivalent to a 30 minute jog.
●     A game of “HORSE” on the basketball court quickly turns into two, three or four games.

Providing your children with high quality and long lasting playground equipment while in the safety of your home is our goal at Backyard Fun.