Jumpsport Trampolines

Safety is one of the top concerns of parents when it comes to trampolines and the fun and exercise it provides their children. At Backyard Fun, we know that keeping your kids safe is very important which is why we offer incredibly safe, high-quality Jumpsport trampolines. Jumpsport is recognized as a leader in the industry with an excellent safety record. Consider one of these safe trampolines if you want to keep your kids entertained outside for hours.

Amazingly Safe Jumpsport Trampolines

We are very proud to offer Jumpsport trampolines and trust their products with our clients. These trampolines were created with safety in mind by a father who became concerned after his children fell from their family trampoline several times. Jumpsport trampolines have a unique safety enclosure that is time tested and keeps your children safe.

StagedBounce™ Technology

With patented StagedBounce™ technology, 50% of the springs engage immediately, 50% engage a fraction of a second later making the trampoline mat safer, more forgiving, for a low-impact workout with a great bounce.

The StagedBounce and other JumpSport models are the first and only trampolines designed to reduce the risk of injury on the jumping surface, where more than half of all trampoline injuries occur.

  • Engineered for Safety with our Patented StagedBounce Technology.
  • Offers exceptional bounce performance.
  • Thick, blue Frame Pad made up of EPE closed cell foam with a strong PVC outer covering.
  • Heavy-Duty frame made from Cold Rolled Steel that is 1.8 inches in diameter.
  • Tough jet-black Powder Coat Finish.

Safety Padded

In addition to the safety enclosures, Jumpsort trampolines also feature optimal padding around their springs. Where most manufacturers place a layer of foam directly onto the springs themselves, Jumpsport places each piece of foam in two pieces of fabric. It’s some of the thickest, most durable padding available. With this padding system you can rest assured fingers and toes will be safe from getting pinched or caught in the trampoline’s springs or frame.

Steel Springs & Frames

Jumpsport trampolines feature the best steel construction in both the frame and springs. This is done to provide for greater durability, performance and safety than cheaper mass-market alternatives. Each spring is individually connected to the trampoline mat which means if you need to replace a single spring, you can do so without having to remove the entire trampoline mat. For a great finish, each frame is powder coated to resist rust and make the trampoline shine. We carry both 12’ and 14’ models.